Friday, September 29, 2006

Day 31

Month one completed FCK YEAH!

I actually just wrote up a whole bunch of stuff and then it got deleted by mistake. Basically, it's no turning back at this point. Part of me is hungry for porn.. starved even, but i just can't go back on all the hard work it took to get this far.

I'm pursuing my goals (going to talk to a stock trader soon about my investing which is really cool), I've been exersizing and working out consistently for weeks, I'm seeking more adventure by doing new things and maybe some traveling soon.

I have my down days but I feel better now that i'm masturbating more to relieve the frustration.

So far nobody is impressed that I've gone a month without porn except me but hey who cares what people think. This is cool and I can't wait until month 2 is done and I'll be happy as hell when year one comes around.


  1. I'm impressed. I'm proud of you.

  2. I'm impressed, too. Your tone has changed quite a bit, and you are starting to see the psychological benefits that go with controlling an addiction. The great thing about recognizing those benefits is that you will crave them again, and this will allow you to control your addiction without overt abstention like you're doing now -- that is, you may find yourself able to live with a little porn now and then without it getting out of hand.

    Porn Forgotten