Friday, September 15, 2006

Day 17

Could I be having withdrawal symptoms? I seem to be feeling down easier, I'm irritable, anxious, and I have some insomnia. It's probably a combination of things but I feel that it's no coincidence that during my first 2 weeks of quitting porn, I've felt some psychological and phsyical changes. I know that these symptoms, if they are related to porn or not, will disapear so I'm not too concerned but it's an interesting question.

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  1. There are two different physical changes I notice when I'm abstaining: first is withdrawal. You want to look at porn, you want to feel the dopamine flowing once again, but you can't, and that pisses you off. The solution is to find other ways to pump up your dopamine. Physical, goal-oriented sports are a great subsitute. The euphoria you feel from scoring a long touchdown, hitting a home run, or achieving a personal best at the track work well. Other hobbies that demand focus, if nothing else, take your mind off -- think art, musical instruments, even playing a video game.

    The second physical response is just an increase in testosterone levels. This can make you testy, short-tempered, or even violent. It may take some time to get accustomed to this state, but it can improve your energy output dramatically, and make you feel more ambitious. I can get a lot of work done when I haven't had an orgasm in a few days.

    But eventually you'll want to just calm down. That's typically when I grab a little porn and finish myself off (or, hopefully, let my girlfriend do it for me). If you get really bad, just do what you need for sexual release and get a good night's sleep.

    Porn Forgotten