Thursday, March 08, 2012

Why Repetition is Important.

It seems that when it comes to pornography addiction, you can't coast by on all your hard work. When I do my visualizations on a daily basis and I actually put effort into them, I have no desire for pornography and it seems I can go indefinitely without it. However, when I start to get over confident and decide to skip my visualizations, I begin to lose my will power and my temptations return. It looks like that hard work and consistency are both needed to truly succeed. I'm okay with this because at least I have a tool that works, even it requires daily practice.


  1. Good luck to you on your ongoing quest to better yourself. Everyone has something they are trying to overcome which blocks them from a sense of unity with God, but rest assured that the supreme being is a part of you, within you, and of you. God sees what you see, even from within the perspective of your own eyes. What occupies your eyes in habit will also occupy your mind. Be sure to change your scenery from time to time. Take pride in delighting your mind by feeding your eyes with positive imagery that would be the delight of God also.

    I would also encourage you to take up drawing as a pastime. Especially as a replacement for your urges to view pornography. The practice of drawing is the practice of drawing a world from what you perceive in from your surroundings and from within your own mind. It takes time to render an image, and it's a journey for the mind to follow every fraction of a second along the way to completing a drawing. Try to visualize your subject actively in your mind as you draw. I believe the subject can also be women, if one feels called to, and view it as an opportunity to understand and appreciate fellow human beings rather than objectify them.

    I understand your struggle and encourage you in overcoming it. God has not forgotten you nor any of creation. All are saved and purified, in the grand scheme, and the more you walk the correct path, the more you walk the path of God and the closer to oneness with God you are. Take comfort in this knowledge and sin no more.

  2. Great comment, thank you. Can I re-post it in my next update?

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