Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I've tried many things...

This blog is over 5 years old now. I've been trying to quit pornography for a long time. I've also tried many things. I've tried using a diary, affirmations, neuro linguistic programming, porn-free filters, staying off the computer permanently, and attempting to find guidance from God.

Nothing has worked. However, since I've started doing these visualizations (the ones that you can find in my previous post), I've been doing extremely well. I've had no desire for pornography and I'm incredibly empowered.

I can't suggest these visualizations enough... If you want to get real about this, start practicing the things I've talked about.


  1. I have started using visualizations. Using these coupled with prayer during temptation, I have already noticed a difference.
    Thank you so much you inspire me to carry on in my attempts to become porn-free.

  2. YES! The visualizations aren't hard to do but it takes a lot to get people to try them and then to continue using them. They do work though. It takes time to retrain our minds but it'll work.

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