Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's been more than a month

It's been more than a month since my last post. I've continued doing NLP exercises this whole time. I had one slip up about a month ago but otherwise I've been clean over a month.

The mind exercises have strengthened my will tremendously.

I have tons more confidence in my ability to handle tough situations and I've stopped feeling sorry for myself and giving into pornography to make myself feel better.

Anyone who is serious about quitting pornography needs to try doing these exercises.

Just start practicing imagining yourself having great ability. See yourself as someone who can handle anything. Make that picture of yourself big, bright, and colorful. It takes lots of practice and you'll naturally being inclined to resist creating this image in your head but after a few weeks it gets easier and you start to change.

I also do an exercise where I imagine myself practicing patience. I envision myself laying next to a rock in a field and just laying there still, quiet, and patient. I make this image as vibrant as I can as a reminder to be patient.

Finally, I imagine myself using a computer (sometimes to look at porn or otherwise just using one in general) and I imagine myself as a troll in a cave, hunched over, covered in mud and the computer is filthy. The image really turns me off of looking at the computer and at pornography.

I practice these images 5 minutes a day, everyday. It's been working wonderfully for me.

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