Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 2

I'm going to be doing some NLP. I'll write more about what that is later on. I did some the first day I set up this blog and it helped a lot.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking through blogs today. You have a tough situation to be in.
    When I first thought about commenting I tried to think about what other people would do if they were to come upon your blog. I think many would not want to comment at all so as not to be affiliated with it. I think you trying to "quit" and get over porn is admirable. It truly is a plague.
    You remind me of a story I heard about a man that had been an alcoholic. The man was having an interview where not drinking was necessary. When he was asked if he drank he said, "I'm an alcoholic." The interviewer was surprised because they were under the impression that this man had not had any alcohol for decades. The interviewer asked when the last time the man had taken a drink of alcohol. The man replied that he had not taken a drink of alcohol for decades... but he was still an alcoholic because alcohol was still such a weakness for him.
    You may continue to have the weakness but that does not mean the weakness has to rule you. You may have the weakness for the rest of your life but you can be the master. Just as that man I spoke of... or even a paraplegic, a bind person, someone with cancer (if it is a self inflicted problem or one you are born with it does not matter). You can overcome it.
    Good Luck!