Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day ??

I don't know how many days its been without pornography.

I don't care.

I haven't looked for at least a week. My computer is password protected and I've asked my girlfriend to really help me out and make sure my computer is off when she's gone and that I don't have the password to it anymore.

Things are going well.


  1. Yup same with me,but for masturbation..its still hard of i didnt do it for some time.....but i know too much of it will eventually lead me back

  2. well. look i have an easy way to stop porn. it's not easy but possible. the way is to fast i mean not to drink or eat from dawn until sunset. strange way but believe will help you a lot but remember don't judge until you test it yourself plus you need to have a hobby or an activity to make you busy see what you like most and do it ... quiting is not easy as you think because it's your mind you must train your mind not to watch porn like for 1 month or 2 months then your brain will forget porn hope my tips are helpful

  3. when I dont have a girlfriend I masturbate quite often, but when I have one I masturbate maybe once or twice in 2 weeks..we have regular sex though..
    You can be happy that you have such a supportive girlfriend. Enjoy her more then you will masturbate less than you think. And watching porn is really visual, so watch her more. I bet she will enjoy it to move in front of you naked, bend over, spread her legs... and of course you are just watching her. After that you can enjoy each other.
    I dont have a girlfriend so I think I masturbate to much thats why I googled and landed on your blog. :D