Sunday, July 05, 2009

Day 16

Still going strong.

I had some strong urges a few days ago but I stayed away from pornography.

I'd like to write some more in depth posts but I just haven't had the time.

Nonetheless, I'm happy to be at day 16 already. I'm happy with my progress so far.


  1. Same here! Still going well.

    I had a tough time after spending July 4 on the beach -- you can imagine what that was like. But I held strong.

    7 days and counting. Thanks for the motivation.


  2. I'm having a hard time tonight... I had a bad date. Not sure what to do.

    It's interesting that the urges are strongly correlated with my loneliness -- the bad date just brings it to the surface. I need an outlet.

    I'm just going to turn off the computer, and hope for something better in the morning. Thank god for your blog.

  3. Man,i'm glad you are back. Goodluck on your sobriety, i'm about to restart the journey and be serious about this. I've learned alot during my recovery, porn is probably one of the most safest lethal drug there is. Safest meaning you can't die, lethal meaning it's FREE, EVERYWHERE and NO ONE KNOWS. Well anyways, i can feel the withdrawal symptoms coming up and i hate it, no not the anxiety,headache, on edge,etc..but the damn dreams. I DREAM of Porn on recovery,how messed up is that.

    I'll be following your blog, you are inspiration to many^^