Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 3 (97 days to go)

I've been holding back on masturbating and it's amazing how strongly it affects my sex drive. I start looking at every even slightly attractive woman I see and I want to smack them on the ass.

It's ridiculous.

My plan is to go a week without masturbating.

My sex drive is pretty strong this morning and my desire to look at porn is pretty small. That's good but I know I'll be hitting some urges at some point.


  1. When you finally let it out it's going to be quite a burst.

  2. Since you're experienced with masturbating, you probably know this: It'll only be a burst if you jerk off for a longer period of time before you let it out (that's one of the good things about porn); otherwise it will be a thick, oozing flow.

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