Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 15 (85 days to go)

I've made a big list of goals that I want to accomplish. I'm not sure how to break it down into something manageable yet.

I saw my ex-gf recently. As I was leaving she said something that made me angry and I just swallowed my anger and left while sulking. Normally I would just steam over it for days and pretend like everything is okay. NOT THIS TIME. I screamed my ass off on the car ride home, swearing and calling her names. It seems like the only place where I can scream as loud as I want and no one will hear me. Then I called her once I got it all out and we talked it out and I felt better.

Expressing anger in the moment is a challenge for me but this is a sign of progress.

My desire for pornography is pretty weak right now.

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