Monday, April 28, 2008

4 needs to meet

I made a guy friend recently. That's definitely an indication that I'm moving forward. Therapy is working out the issues I have with being spontaneous and just having fun with friends.

My job is picking up and I'll be making enough money to move out soon.

Going back to the things that I think cause me to look at porn:

1. Lack of friends: This has been my biggest issue. I've lacked the desire to make guy friends for a long time and I'm finally working out my issues around that in therapy.
2. Lack of fun: This is related to the friends issue and so therapy is handling it too.
3. Lack of relaxation: I've been pretty good about meditating and practicing the art of acceptance recently.
4. Lack of sex: This one I haven't really put much effort into recently. I've hit on a few girls on the bus and asked for numbers but I haven't really put much effort into this because I feel that the friends issue is more important.

I want to get things rolling on this blog and start another attempt to quit but it's going to take a few more weeks at the minimum. I'm moving through emotional baggage I've had for years so it takes a bit of time but the more work I do on my core issues the better my odds for not only quitting porn but being able to live the life I want to live.


  1. Here's my two since on this last post. I was a compulsive wanker for years. I always punched below my weight on the dating/picking up girls soon. I had some success sure, but I know for a fact porn undermined my confidence and made me feel like I didn't really deserve a truly amazing, sexy, intelligent woman. How can I say this, porn caused me to play safe and aim low. Last summer I ditched the porn and a bad relationship and suddenly I had girls everywhere. They're out there man! Go to bars, try online dating, talk to em at the grocery store. I met a wonderful girl, fell in love and now I'm engaged. If I have any regret in life it's that porn undermined my single life for years. Rise to the occasion men! You're only young and single once. Don't waste it away wankin to porn. Use the confidence you get from restraint and channel your sexual energy into it. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results

  2. Thank you. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Fucking brilliant.