Monday, March 03, 2008

Day 12

God am I horny.

So I finally did it. I approached 3 girls yesterday. 2 of them were just attempts to get rejected so that I could get used to that again and one of them was a genuine try. It's amazing how great I feel after an approach even if I've been rejected.

For me it requires a strong positive/playful attitude, a lot of energy, and motivation to do this and it feels great to induce all of these things and then succeed at what I'm trying to do.

It is definitely my dick that is getting me out there to risk rejection. I'm so sex starved and I know I'm not going to just masturbate or look at porn because I'm genuinely interested in improving my life and it's helping tremendously not to jerk off. As a result I know my only source of sexual gratification is to go out there and approach enough girls until one says yes.

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