Saturday, February 03, 2007

Last post

Family issues stirred up some stress so I looked at porn again. I'm doing my best to learn from this situation, I'm reading books on identity and ego and stuff. I'm making strides now to not only quit porn but to quit using the computer so much. I'm gonna take off. I hope this blog helps somebody but if not, it helped me.


  1. Hey, man.

    Thanks for making this blog. I, too, am trying to quit porn. It's a bitch because all it takes is a bit of compromising with yourself for 30 seconds and then.....mouseclick...mouseclick...mouseclick.... next thing you know, you're starting over. Again.

    Anyways, great blog. Glad to see other people are on the same journey.

  2. blindtomorrow7/25/2007 4:39 PM

    Hey man, it is me from Heat of the Moment. I wanted to let you know I beat my depression and now I am getting better.

    Since you haven't posted since Feb, I hope that is a good sign you're doing well.

    All the best brother.