Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day 76

So I went to the mall in the city last night I approached 5 girls and said "hi, i think you're cute, can i have your number." That makes 10 rejections which was my goal. The reactions I got were pretty funny. Some girls are cool with being approached and they just say "oh i have a boyfriend" but other chicks just freak out. It's fun though and once they get over they're shock, I'm sure they'll be flattered in some sence.

uhhh, lets see, limiting myself to masturbating one day a week is challenging... what it comes down to is trying to be calm when things dont go my way. like if i haven't accomplished something i wanted during the day, often ill feel stressed out and thats when its most likely that i'll masturbate. so i just have to accept the fact that i wont always accomplish what i want...

being busy helps though... having lots of stuff that you can accomplish and actually working on that stuff is great.

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