Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 2

Wow, getting through day 1 was a lot harder the second time around.

"Ah I might as well look at some porn, I already did it twice so who cares?" Crap thoughts like this comes up a million times. Nothing but keeping the computer off saved me.

Of course, as I resist girls and try to take this month off so that I don't have the drama of dating on top of this stressful-enough month, girls start throwing themselves at me. HAHA, no but they are way more attracted to me when I move away from them. Like cats playing with a dangling string. Girls love a challenge. I am a damn near impossible challenge though.

When I make my mind up, I am determined.... and I just can't have any more bs going on during this important month. I'll miss the attention when they get fed up.

1 comment:

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