Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day 44

44 days down. I didn't ask a girl out today but I did get her email and she's shown some interest so whatever we'll see.

I was getting a lot done until I quit masturbating on Sunday. The walls fell down and everything went crazy. I'm getting a better handle on my anger but damn without porn and without masturbation I don't seem to have a good enough outlet for my frustrations.

The feminists were right, pornography probably is degrading to women and for some reason seeing women get degraded relieves my stress. so I'm gonna take their advice and start degrading women to feel better

God I've never been so interested in women as I am now. You go without porn long enough and you just want to run around grabbing boobs. I sat in san anselmo, which should be renamed rich middle aged women town and I just sat there writing and making eye contact with all these hot older women.

There was one woman with rediculously fake breasts... Breasts that defied the laws of gravity and the laws of human body shape and taking my eyes off them was like trying to take my eyes off a derailed orphan train. Just as sexy too. alskghasl;djkgh dfgag cklvn

Man I gotta get laid.

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