Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 35

hurr'ray for day 35. I'm feeling better, thanks for asking. Let's see, when's month 2 coming around? Day 62? I guess I'm counting 31 days as a month, despite some months obviously not being that long. Nah that's lame. I'm aiming for day 100 now, then 200, 300 and 365 or one year. If I go a year without porn, I think I'll quit bloggin. To be honest, I ran out of ideas on day 4... so day 366 would probably just be a description of how my day went or maybe a top ten list of favorite types of candy.

I should start a blog for my investing... hmm. ANYWAYS BACK TO THE PORN ADDICTION.

I have VERY little urge to look at porn and that's mostly the result of my masturbating consistently. There's no chance of me going back to porn right now when I'm making love to my hand this often. This is SOOO EASY.... eventually I'm gonna go back to the 2 times a week thing but I don't know when. I don't see much of a point right now but that'll probably change. Something or other will fire me up.

ONWARDS TO DAY 100... YEHAA... kiss! my! butt! christian-"You're-powerless"-websites-for-porn-addiction