Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 13

It might seem excessive to post every day but this is something I really care about. The occasional thought of looking at porn has become a bit more powerful now that 13 days have passed. I remember wanting to rip my pants off and dive right into my favorite sites back when I went 20 days without porn. I haven't felt that level of urge yet, and I don't want to feel that urge.. I am having thoughts though. However, nothing has changed. I know this is how I want my life to be, I'm sticking to my rules, and I'm still motivated... it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling proud of myself. I think that's going to be my primary motivation as time goes on. I'll have a thought about porn and say to myself "no, I've tried to quit for so long and here I am this far into quitting... there's no going back."

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  1. I'm reading your blog from day one, so I don't yet know what has happened in the week after this post yet. Just to comment on this post, however: a key phrase I'd like to pull out is "I don't want to feel that urge." Beside the fact that you WILL feel that urge, it's unnecesarry to force yourself into thinking you don't want to feel it. Sexual urges are part of the fun of being human (or even just a living thing). You want sex with a real woman, but in the absence of it, masturbation and pornography make a nice substitute.

    Never make your goal out to be "to stop the urge." The urge will never go away. Your cerebral cortex cannot fight the 3.7 billion years of evolution that have gone into your lower brain. You're programmed to fuck, and you're programmed to want to fuck and that's that. Any recovering alcoholic will tell you that the urge to drink a beer never goes away. They just learn to control themselves better.

    The goal in fighting a porn addiction is one of habits. You simply want to break out of the habits that lead you to bingeing, hoarding, and searching (see related posts on my site). The desire to see a naked woman will never hurt you. The hours you can spend looking at naked women might. So think in terms of HABITS, not URGES.

    Porn Forgotten